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Introduction to Logistics

This programme supports people into a job or Apprenticeship in the warehousing or logistics sectors. Quick Links: Who is this suitable for? Unemployed people who are looking for work in warehousing or logistics in jobs such as a warehouse assistant.

Back to top 1 How long does it take? You ll start the training 2 3 weeks after your initial appointment with us. The training is 2 days a week for 4 weeks.

Back to top 2 How much does it cost? Government funding is available so you can get this support for FREE. You have to be either: 19 years old or older; unemployed and looking for work; and claiming a state benefit or have access to public funds.

Back to top 3 Where does training take place? Clinton House 2-4 Clinton Terrace Derby Road Nottingham, NG7 1LY Directions 4 Friary Works 119a Friar Gate Derby, DE1 1EX Directions 5 Back to top 6 What does the programme cover? Induction 7 Digital Skills 8 Includes using the internet and email.

Work Skills 9 Includes interview skills and creating a CV that’s tailored to your chosen job. Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing & Storage Principles 10 This can be used towards an Apprenticeship in Warehousing & Storage.

11 Moving & Handling Goods Receiving stock Keeping stock Using equipment to move goods Health & Safety Maths and/or English (optional) 12 Back to top 13 What further learning can I do? Once in work you can complete an Apprenticeship in Warehousing and Storage.

14 Back to top 15 Got a question about this course?

If you haven’t found the answer on this page, fill out the form below or click here to call us.

16 Please be aware we can not take applications through the form below, click here instead 17 .

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Introduction to Logistics

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