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Cardwave staff receive recognition awards

11th January 2016 Cardwave Cardwave Awards

Cardwave has been celebrating its staff with awards of recognition for their contributions and commitment to the company. Nominations were made at the end of 2015 by staff and awards were presented today by the Chief Executive, Paul Norbury. Cardwave is an innovative and pioneering company that works with removable and embedded data storage products.

Paul Norbury, CEO of Cardwave commented At the end of last year I decided to introduce an awards initiative to celebrate and reward staff s commitment and contribution to Cardwave s success and to help to motivate and encourage staff in the future .

Customer Focus Award Winner Lisa Jones, Customer Services
This award focuses on excellence in customer care, consistent service and representing the brand values of Cardwave. Sometimes this position can be put under a lot of pressure and has to deal with some difficult situations. Lisa deserves recognition for her valuable contribution.

Cardwave Cardwave Awards

Innovation and Improvement Award Winner Mark Danek, Technical Manager
This award is all about moving forward, creativity, looking at what we are doing, questioning, constantly looking at improvements and doing things differently and efficiently. Paul is really keen to support people who are innovative. Mark has created and implemented various systems, solved problems and headed up new innovative projects. Mark is a worthy winner.

Personal Achievement Award Winner Louise Thicker, Production Assistant
Based on the journey an individual has gone through, overcoming adversity and challenges and applying themselves. Paul and the other staff recognised the journey Louise has been on. Although Louise is now leaving Cardwave, it has been a great stepping stone for her in her career and we all wish Louise great success moving forward.

Cardwave Cardwave Awards

Team Award Winners Mark Danek and Adrian Truelove, Technical Department
Over the last few months the Tech Team have really bonded. Teamwork needs buy in from all members as well as an equal contribution. Tech are very cooperative and responsive to the business and interact with everyone in a positive and helpful manner.

Cardwave Cardwave Awards

Outstanding Service Award Winner Martin Spencer-Whitton, Logistics Supervisor
Lots of people nominated Martin to recognise everything he does. The difference in terms of what is expected from him and what he does is phenomenal; he is always willing to go the extra mile and go above and beyond his duties. For the CEO, Cardwave can be like an unruly child, and Martin helps Paul to manage things and look after the business, sometimes at unsocial hours, to keep things running.

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