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Bolore Africa Logistics in big fraud at Sierra Leone's Queen II Quay …

By: SEM on January 15, 2013. Information reaching this medium reveals that a French company, Bolore Africa Logistics Sierra Leone , operating at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay, is involved in very illicit activities. Our sources have disclosed that this company is in the habit of illegally deducting the salaries of its workers apart from using unregistered Guinean-plated vehicles to operate.

We have gathered that the company deducts about half a million Leones every month from salaries of every driver, crane operator and other workers claiming to be paying these deducted sums of money to the National Revenue Authority (NRA) as tax, but the deducted sum is said to be far more higher than the percentage the NRA is supposed to deduct. The affected workers are reportedly very aggrieved over the huge deduction of their salaries and are therefore calling on the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to thoroughly investigate this matter. In a recent interview with Sierra Express Media, the affected and consequently disgruntled workers stated that they do not even believe the company is paying their deducted salaries to NRA.

Even if the company is paying these returns to the NRA they went on, that amount is too high to be acceptable and we firmly believe that we are not supposed to pay such a fabulous amount as income tax, that is why we are calling on the ACC to probe into the matter as we are suspecting something fishy . Also, Bolore is being accused of overtly flouting traffic regulations by using unlicensed vehicles to operate. Sources further reveal that even when the Dock Transport Owners Association has persistently reported the company to the Sierra Leone Road Transport Authority (SLRTA) and other concerned authorities, no action has been taken, a situation which has led many to suspect that the company is being protected by powers from above.

The company is yet to respond to these allegations. By Raymond Bai Kamara (Gbanka-Potho-JR) Stay with Sierra Express Media, for your trusted place in news! Related items 2013, Sierra Express Media.

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Bolore Africa Logistics in big fraud at Sierra Leone's Queen II Quay …

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