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Logistics questions Re: cosleeping (LONG)

I only have one LO, but we do bed-share and I love it! I like both of your ideas, but you could always put a twin rather than a full next to your queen if you go with option number 2, and save some (I know, not much) space. When we are ready to transition LO to his own bed, we’ll do it by putting a twin mattress next to ours and putting him to bed there, bringing him in with us if/when he wakes, etc.

Then, that will just become his bed and move to his room with him. If you are worried about DD and DS being next to each other but want to bed-share, could you just have DS sleep on DH’s side, on the outside? Then DD will never be right next to him, even if at some point she’s sleeping between you, especially if she spends most of the night in her crib.

Good luck!

Enjoy your snuggles with those adorable babies! 🙂

Logistics questions Re: cosleeping (LONG)

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