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Five easy ways to strengthen your brand's reputation & connect …

Five Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Brand's Reputation & Connect ...

Want to know the winning formula for creating a leading brand? There are many proven business principles you can follow. However, through the years, many of the biggest brands have concocted their own very effective strategies to get and stay ahead.

There s a common thread which links today s most trusted well-known brands. It s their focus on creating strong relationships with their target market. They work especially hard to connect with their audience and be relevant to their needs. And that s what makes customers stay loyal to them.

By looking at what made these brands the powerhouses of today, and stealing a few tricks from their books, you can help bag your own brand success.

1. Get personal with customer service.

Be great at connecting with customers and your brand could be top dog like Amazon. The company fosters relationships with its online shoppers by assisting them in decision-making. It gives them trusted recommendations based on past purchases, customer ratings, and user reviews, as well as products that can complement the intended purchase. And most importantly their customers really appreciate it.

2. Capitalise on the happiness factor.

Every brand targets the satisfaction and happiness of its customers. However, when it comes to delivering or selling happiness, Coca-Cola is deemed the expert. It captures a certain feel-good factor, kindling nostalgia through a long heritage of creating moments of joy for individuals, families and groups of friends.

3. Deliver on promises.

Keeping promises never fails to lock in engagement and develop loyalty. The logistics giant, FedEx shows full commitment to this principle, not only through reliable delivery services but also through its popular rewards programs.

4. Go for creativity, inspiration and accessibility.

Why is Apple so desirable? It excites customers with creative branding and retail stores that foster a sense of collaboration and transparency between customers and sales staff. We all know that Apple s products are easy to use and the brand follows this through to the purchasing experience, equipping sales staff with handheld scanners, to eliminate the pain of queueing at tills.

5. Design an experience.

Another surefire route to brand success is creating a great experience. Graze, the online supplier of personalised snacks nails it by engineering a peach , giving customers thefreedom every element of its range. Even frequency of deliveries is based on each user s own preferences. Another great personalised touch is their sneak-peak email, whetting customers appetites with a glimpse inside the snack box they ve ordered. To complete the experience, navigating the site and keeping track of orders are a breeze, thanks to its crisp and clear website design. In short, Graze does everything it can to put the customer in full control.

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Written by Craig Vallance[2]


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