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German Freight Traffic Windows | SLIDING DOOR COMPANY

Customer Reviews Click Here! German Freight Traffic Windows German Freight Traffic Windows Specifications German Freight Traffic Windows Overview Aerosoft Freight transport has always played a major role on the Ruhr-Sieg route, whether it was to the lime works in Hagen-Kabel, the steel production around Siegen, the container shipments in Hagen and Plettenberg, or all the various companies with rail access which are still used actively today. This diverse goods business is now playable with this add-on, and makes your RailWorks 2 Train Simulator routes more busy.

Sliding doors wagon Habbis (in different versions) High detailed rolling stock in different versions Interactive loading 10 varied scenarios as on the original Hagen-Siegen route 5 scenarios with the Seebergbahn route (all scenarios are bilingual English and German System requirements Railworks 2 Train Simulator Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7 Processor (CPU) 2,4 GHz Working storage minimum 1024MB RAM Graphics card 512 MB Addition DirectX 9.0c or better See all Product Description Aerosoft German Freight Traffic Windows .

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German Freight Traffic Windows | SLIDING DOOR COMPANY

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