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Logistics: Reviving REFORGER

February 25, 2016: The Cold War is returning to Europe in many ways. One sign of this is the American reviving the REFORGER exercises. As part of this the U.S. Army plans to store more pre-positioned military equipment in Europe and have brigades move their personnel to Europe for training with that equipment each year. The pre-positioning of equipment continued after the Cold War ended in 1991 but the annual troop movement exercises (REFORGER) to use the pre-positioned equipment stopped. Now it is being resumed with at least one brigade a year being sent to Europe to use the pre-positioned equipment for training exercises aimed at defending East Europe against Russia. Just like the Cold War, except then the Russian armies were already in East Europe and it was Western Europe being defended.

This practice of moving troops and equipment as separate entities was a Cold War innovation. To speed the movement of reinforcements from the United States to Europe, in the event that the Soviet Union invading, two divisions had one set of equipment in Europe, and another back in the United States, where the divisions were based. In reality this pre-positioning and troop movement plan also served political demands in the United States that some of the divisions stationed there be brought home. The pre-positioning was a politically acceptable way to withdraw two divisions from Europe. This was done in 1968, but the equipment stayed behind, and was stored and maintained by contractors (German civilians). Starting in 1969 troops from the two withdrawn divisions began flying to Europe each year, firing up the gear, and going out on field exercises. The troops would then return the gear to the storage areas and fly home. These annual exercises lasted until 1988. The experience gained in all those REFORGER exercises made the army and marines confident that they could apply the concept of pre-positioned equipment elsewhere. This also led to the idea, as applied in Iraq from 2004 to 2011 of having the first units to get there to leave their gear behind (if they were being replaced by the same type units) when the troops returned home. This saved a lot of money in shipping costs, not to mention the additional work the troops had to do preparing everything for sea movement. Same deal in Afghanistan and the REFORGER techniques have become standards. One thing that did change was that there were no longer regular movements of troops each year to use the pre-positioned equipment. But there are less regular exercises where the troops are flown overseas, take control of pre-positioned gear and go out and train for a week or two. It is good training and a way to make sure that the pre-positioned material is being maintained properly.

Devonport Naval Base plays a starring role in a new TV …

The Royal Navy in Plymouth s Devonport Naval Base plays a starring role in a new television documentary series (Friday 26 February). The programme features diverse subjects such as a wedding in Devonport Naval Base, a submariner leaving his family to deploy far away and a warship crew training on her main gun at sea. Quest s brand new six-part series Devonport: Inside the Royal Navy is an exclusive access, character-led observational documentary series about the men and women who work in the biggest naval base in Western Europe.

This is the baseport of the Devonport Flotilla , 20 of the Royal Navy s biggest and most deadly warships and nuclear-powered submarines. Ten thousand people work here, and these are some of their stories. Within this hi-tech and fascinating world, where the requirements of a modern, cutting-edge Navy blend with age-old tradition and ceremony, the six-part series meets a host of engaging characters and everyday people doing extraordinary things. Against the constant backdrop to get warships and submarines in and out of port, for these people Devonport s engineers, marines, police, riggers, armory, officers and ratings along with many others there are countless problems to overcome and tasks to carry out. There s action, excitement, humour and warmth amid the sacrifices they make for their country.

Episode 2 features HMS Sutherland s captain Commander Stephen Anderson testing his crew in firing the ship s main 4.5-inch gun at sea, a weapon they may depend on one day to save their lives. So when the test does not reach his high standards, the captain isn t impressed.

Meanwhile, back inside the naval base, it s a tale of two hunter killer submarines: Luke, a submariner from HMS Talent prepares to marry his fianc , but when the big day arrives she s nowhere to be seen. And Dave the logistics officer of HMS Torbay says goodbye to his family before departing on a top secret operation.

Devonport: Inside the Royal Navy (Sacrifice) airs on Quest (Sky 144, Virgin 172, Freeview 37, YouView 37) February 26th at 9pm

Devonport Naval Base Plays A Starring Role In A New TV ...Lt Cdr Helen Jones on HMS Sutherland Devonport Naval Base Plays A Starring Role In A New TV ...Lt Cdr Jon Boughton on HMS Sutherland Devonport Naval Base Plays A Starring Role In A New TV ...Lieutenant Dave Potts on HMS Torbay

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