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Student Universiade in Russia Chooses Conceptum Sport Logistics …

The Universiade of the FISU (International University Sports Federation) is taking place for the 27th time. The Russian city of Kazan was chosen as the venue and German event logistics company Conceptum Sport Logistics is transporting the sensitive timekeeping equipment. In June, all the equipment was already transported to Kazan in a convoy of 8 trucks and distributed to the competition sites under the eagle eye of Conceptum Sport Logistics.

The FISU Universiade in Kazan will end on 17 July the host country, Russia, is currently also at the top of the medals table. More than 13,500 athletes and delegation members from 170 countries and over 1,000 media representatives have turned Kazan into the global centre of student sports in a demonstration of unity among the world s nations it was ten years after the foundation of the FISU in 1948 before athletes from the Eastern bloc countries were able to participate. The logistics, however, is extremely challenging.

Custom duties, for example, have to be paid for transports from all corners of the globe there is no exception for sports equipment when it comes to bureaucracy. For the cultural project logistics company, based near to Frankfurt airport, the project is a challenge with additional training for the Olympic Games in 2014. Preparations for Sochi 2014 have been underway since the beginning of last year the Universiade, alongside the training events, gives us another opportunity to perfect our logistics processes , says Sebastian Stahl, Managing Director at Conceptum Sport Logistics.

Besides transporting equipment to Kazan, distributing everything to the 30 different competition sites is also a question of preparation. The team from Frankfurt accompanies the transports in person and monitors delivery to the teams on site the only way for athletes to start their competitions on time and safely. Trust in the logistics is also decisive for the student teams and daily bread for Conceptum Sport Logistics: Anyone preparing for a competition should not have to worry about transporting sports and team equipment, says Sebastian Stahl of Conceptum Sport Logistics.

Conceptum Sport Logistics has come to lead the global market in tailor-made transport solutions for sports equipment and other sensitive loads in cultural project logistics. The logistics company s team serves a variety of national Olympic committees as well as national and international sports associations around the world. The company s extensive experience and know-how provides ideal solutions in transporting and handling sports along with team transports and accommodation at sports venues.

Their offices in Germany (Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Hamburg) and sports offices in Switzerland (Lausanne), Brazil, Canada and elsewhere have brought the company close to its customers and venues for genuinely local service. Conceptum Sport Logistics offers a comprehensive service, ocean freight, air freight and road haulage, operating in more than fifteen countries with over 150 partners in international freight traffic. For more information visit: www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com 1 .

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Student Universiade in Russia Chooses Conceptum Sport Logistics …

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