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Smart & Sustainable Urban Freight in Newcastle and Barcelona …

The presentations and video recording of the Viajeo Plus webinar Towards Sustainable City Logistics are now available here[1]. Yanying Li (ERTICO ITS Europe) highlighted the international dimension of the Viajeo Plus project: The project covers Europe, China, Singapore, Latin America and Mediterranean Partner Countries. The idea is to identify needs and spot good practices, facilitating technology uptakes and strengthening European industries competitiveness in the global market

Paulus Aditjandra (Newcastle University) focused on the engagement process needed to create a solid public-private partnership to enable the roll-out of innovative urban freight solutions. Smartfusion[2] was given as example. Mr. Aditjandra presented three case studies, including the functioning of goods delivery in Newcastle based on a freight quality partnership, consolidation facilities and the Low Emissions Zone. Tom s de Castro and Mar Escala (Ajuntament de Barcelona) explained how distribution of goods is structured in the Catalan capital in line with the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan 2013-2018. Barcelona is moving towards a superblocks models, where access to the interior part of the superblocks will be restricted to private vehicles and DUM carriers, and where pedestrian will have priority. Barcelona s SUMP also includes infrastructure and management measures to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading.

For more information, visit viajeoplus[3]


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