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The French e-logistics expert ITinSell is ready to disrupt the British …

According to the head of e-logistics for IMRG (the UK s industry association for e-retail): UK retailers will dispatch a record of circa 890m online orders and 928 million parcels in 2014 which represents a volume growth of 18.9% for 2014 vs.

2013. However, these excellent figures can be seen as a real nightmare for retailers and e-merchants when they need to manage parcel deliveries . In fact, the British retailers often deal with several carriers to match their expectations for every type of delivery: regional, national or international.

The French e-logistics expert ITinSell 1 , has developed a suite of leading-edge solutions for processing and analysing logistics data . Indeed, they are in position to follow the tracking of 100% of the parcels worldwide on most transportation companies. So far, ITinSell has convinced over 1.500 companies in France and above 40% of the top100 retailers & e-merchants use currently their services .

The company is now ready to disrupt the UK market with two of their main products: Btrust and iThoth .The first one, Btrust , allows the retailer to inform recipients and reinforce customer relationship by integrating the customer into the information chain. Adopting Btrust , the retailer is able to alert automatically the customer on every anticipated delay which results on a better customer satisfaction . In the same time, the solution highly reduces the number of inbound calls related to deliveries (up to -70%) to the customer service.

The second solution proposed to the UK market is iThoth , it has been designed to monitor the logistics flows by providing an access to key data according the retailer s needs (volumes sent, typologies, costs, performances on a specific area per carrier and per period, ). This solution is a valuable asset to compare carriers performances and negotiate better with them. Some major British pure-players and retailers are already in the process of integrating ITinSell s solutions.

In that perspective, ITinsell will open a London office early 2015 supported by B.D.C.

To learn more about ITinsell, please email [email protected] 2 References ^ ITinSell (www.itinsell.com) ^ [email protected] (www.bd-consultants.com)

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The French e-logistics expert ITinSell is ready to disrupt the British …

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