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Obama calls Islamic State 'the face of evil'

The bad events in Paris were obviously a awful and sickening setback. We can retake territory and as long as we keep our troops there we can hold it. But that does not solve the underlying problem of eliminating the dynamics that are producing these kinds of violent, extremist groups , Obama said.

I m not aware of anything that was specific , he said.
But Obama did announce that the United States would begin a new streamlined process of sharing intelligence with France. Officials said the USA was already using intelligence to help France identify targets for the airstrikes.
Obama s comments followed a two-day meeting with leaders from the Group of 20 rich and developing countries. He also spoke with the king of Saudi Arabia and European leaders to consolidate support for his plan against ISIS.
The president said most of his critics are simply talking as if they re tough and offering no real ideas. That s not who we are .
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen.
The president also responded forcefully to calls that the USA limit the immigration of Syrians fleeing the fighting in their homeland, or as a few Republican presidential candidates suggested, allow only Christians to enter the US.
The Iraqis also claimed that the Paris attack was planned in Raqqa and carried out by 24 people: 19 attackers and five logistics specialists a much larger team than European authorities said they believe were responsible for the attack.
The overwhelming majority of victims of terrorism are Muslims , Obama added later.