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Queen Elizabeth and 3G Capital

Queen Elizabeth And 3G Capital

Queen Elizabeth and 3G Capital

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Buffett, Brazil s 3G team up for $23 billion Heinz buyout:

Interview of Whitney Houston brother admitting he turned her out before they brought in Bobby. He gave her crack after she became successful. But he is not strung out. Look at them a bunch of fucking dummies.

Michael Houston: 354 cases

Gary Houston: 194 cases

Bobby Brown: 296 cases

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I own this shit, but some people will do anything to not give shit back! If I wrote the music, who you think was the President of Europe as described in her case file as the in writing her music, without any sexual relationship or any need for her income, just helping out someone.


3G Capital is a Brazilian[3] multi-billion dollar[1][2] global investment firm[4][3] which was founded in 2004 by principals Jorge Paulo Lemann[5], Carlos Alberto Sicupira[6], Marcel Herrmann Telles[7] and Roberto Thompson Motta[8].

The company is best known for its 2010 acquisition of Burger King[9], a $3.8 billion transaction, and for the February 2013 agreement to purchase H.J. Heinz Company[10] for $28 billion in conjunction with Berkshire Hathaway[11].[4][5] 3G Capital has offices in New York City[12] and Rio de Janeiro[13], and the firm is run by managing partner Alexandre Behring[14] out of New York.[6][7] Affiliates of the firm and its partners have control or partial ownership stakes in global companies such as Anheuser-Busch In Bev[15], Lojas Americanas[16], the largest non-food and online retailer in Latin America, and America Latina Log stica[17], the largest railroad and logistics company in Latin America. Website: 3G Capital http://www.3g-capital.com/[18][19]

The $6 Billion Dollar Purchase

3G Capital is a global investment firm focused on long-term value, with a particular emphasis on maximizing the potential of brands and businesses. The firm and its partners have a strong history of operational excellence, board involvement, deep sector expertise, and an extensive global network. 3G Capital works in close partnership with management teams at its portfolio companies and places a strong emphasis on recruiting, developing and retaining top-tier talent. Most recently, in June 2013, 3G Capital partnered with Berkshire Hathaway to complete the acquisition of H.J. Heinz Company , one of the world s leading producers of healthy, convenient and affordable foods. Previously, in October 2010, 3G Capital completed the acquisition of Burger King , one of the most widely-recognized consumer brands in the world.

3G Capital was founded in late 2004, building on the original New York investment office of the firm s principals: Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Telles, and Carlos Alberto Sicupira. The firm has offices in New York City and Rio de Janeiro.

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Donald Trump has his sights set on the ultimate real estate deal

Donald Trump s motivations for running for president have been transparent from the start. He wants everyone to know what a success he is as a real estate mogul. What better proof could he give of that than securing the White House, the one piece of U.S. real estate currently beyond his reach and, arguably, the most valuable property in the world. He told us his goal in his announcement speech[1]. I m building all over the world, and I love what I m doing. But they all said, a lot of the pundits on television, Well, Donald will never run, and one of the main reasons is he s private and he s probably not as successful as everybody thinks. So I said to myself, you know, nobody s ever going to know unless I run, because I m really proud of my success. I really am. Nobody s going to know what a successful real estate mogul he is unless he runs for president. That is the logic of his argument.

So what will it take for him to satisfy his need to prove his real estate chops? He generally seems to expect to prove his success by pulling off real estate deals that people say can t be done. His father told him not to enter the Manhattan real estate market. He proved his father wrong:

I was told don t come into Manhattan[2], don t ever come into Manhattan, it ll be the wrong thing, you know, by my father. I love my father, but he said you ll never I mean it s not our territory, it s not for us. And I came into Manhattan and did great. It s basically I ve seen it all and it s my own instinct for economics. Like his father on the subject of Manhattan, the political class, he charges, said he could never enter Washington and add the White House to his real estate portfolio. He wants to refute them, too. He got his toehold by leasing the Old Post Office[3] Pavilion from the government, which should have been, he says, impossible. He plans to convert the building into a luxury hotel, and the construction site has over it the largest sign you ve ever seen. It reads: TRUMP. COMING 2016.[4]

He has filled the American landscape with his name, on skyscrapers in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas, and on casinos in Atlantic City. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal this month, Trump had his daughter Ivanka in tow, and they were as likely to invoke their trophy properties and the logistics of pouring concrete as they were trade. If you re contemplating voting for Trump, you have to imagine something like the Hollywood sign hanging over the White House but this one will read TRUMP. The shenanigan king of casino land has a genius for one thing only: branding things with one word slogans. Loser. Moron. Trump. He attributes the bulk of his wealth to the brand of his name, and Forbes confirms[5] that he s prospered through his casino corporate bankruptcies because it would have been too costly for his creditors to rebrand the gambling houses. Of his many corporate bankruptcies, he says[6], Basically I ve used the laws of the country to my advantage and to other people s advantage.

Think about it. Acquiring the White House is the best possible business strategy for the real estate mogul. Consider how unassailable his brand would be then. Notice the good it would do for his business if the name on all of those trophy properties were that of the president of the United States. Imagine all of those other old government properties that need to be flipped into the private market. And don t stop there. Imagine the deals the shenanigan king would be able to line up to take advantage of after he leaves office. Imagine how much he s marking up his net assets right now just because of the free PR of this campaign. A property on Pennsylvania Avenue may be an option in Monopoly, but the White House itself isn t one of the properties available to the real estate tycoon. Why not? Because it s the people s house. We permit our servant to live in it. We require selflessness.

The shenanigan king is the most selfish politician of them all. His eye is on the real estate and what it will do for his brand. He s in it for himself and, on top of that, deep down he s still just trying to prove the father figures wrong. Turns out his animus for Jeb Bush points right back at himself. Loser. Moron. Basta. Shenanigan King.


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BBC 1963: April. – feeling listless — “Poverty of goods is easily cured …

BBC News: Stricken ship Aghios Georgios II remembered 50 years on 1 “Fifty years have passed since the Lebanese freight ship the Aghios Georgios II caught fire on the East Sussex coast. Hordes of spectators arrived to see the blaze, which broke out at Normans Bay near Eastbourne on 27 April, 1963. Ian Palmer spoke to eyewitness Ron Smith, historian Paul Hales, and resident Chris Barwick.” (pictured) Black Britain: Bristol bus boycott 1963 2 “A successful campaign, inspired by Martin Luther King, led by local black people, to demand equal treatment from the Bristol Omnibus Company.

Footage taken from Black Britain 15 January 1991 and Windrush 6 June 1998.” Inside Out West: Bristol bus boycott 50 years on 3 “Fifty years after the Bristol bus boycott, BBC Inside Out looks back at the racist policies that stopped black people from working on the buses. In 1963 a young black man in Bristol was refused an interview for a job on the buses because of the colour of his skin. It sparked a protest which attracted national attention and ultimately led the way to the country’s first ever race discrimination law.

Within five years the Race Relations Act had banned all discrimination in the workplace.

But for those who had been refused job interviews, there was never an apology from the Bristol Omnibus Company nor from the union preventing them getting work on the buses.

Alastair McKee has been to meet some of the people involved in the boycott.” References ^ BBC News: Stricken ship Aghios Georgios II remembered 50 years on (www.bbc.co.uk) ^ Black Britain: Bristol bus boycott 1963 (www.bbc.co.uk) ^ Inside Out West: Bristol bus boycott 50 years on (www.bbc.co.uk)

BBC 1963: April. – feeling listless — “Poverty of goods is easily cured …

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