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Corporate Solutions Logistics hire 30 new Mercedes Actros from …

15:00 Wednesday 25th November 2015

Corporate Solutions Logistics have recently upgraded their fleet with 30 brand-new 44T Mercedes Benz Actros on hire from Alltruck plc. The vehicles will be used to replace Euro 5 vehicles currently on hire from Alltruck, and will enter service as part of Lidl s growing distribution fleet. Corporate Solutions Contract Manager Iain Ross explained their reasons for continuing to work with the commercial vehicle contract hire and rental specialists, Alltruck give us a great deal on great trucks! They offer a pro-active response and we are delighted to continue working with them. The new trucks are just part of a 2.5million state-of-the-art vehicle investment Alltruck has invested in the last quarter. The highly spec d vehicles feature the latest BigSpace cab design, redeveloped seats for maximum driver comfort and a superior payload. Alltruck Managing Director Paul Robinson highlighted driver acceptance as a key consideration when investing in their fleet.

Paul Robinson explains, Our promise to customers is protecting value and this applies to their vehicles, their brand, their products and of course their drivers. Customers tell us how important it is to retain the best drivers and achieve minimum downtime; that s why we ensure our fleet specification helps to support this.

The new vehicles will enter service throughout November, joining the distribution fleet in Kent.

Ask Andy: Replacing TruckPol | Alltruck

Andy Harrison is Alltruck s Head of Operations; having worked in transport for over 34 years he has a wealth of experience on issues ranging from vehicle engineering to compliance and everything in between. If you ve got a question to Ask Andy , then please email [email protected] Hi Andy, I was just wondering what your thoughts are on Nottinghamshire Police s new freight crime division and if you think this is an effective replacement for TruckPol? Thanks for your question.

Firstly, I have to say that it was a real shame that TruckPol was forced to close. We ve seen Government cut-backs across all of society and despite wide spread calls across the industry to save the unit, TruckPol had its Government funding pulled and was closed in March 2012. However, we continue to see on the news (something BBC News recently focussed on) and hear first-hand accounts of freight crimes, so the closure of TruckPol leaves a very big hole.

So, it is fantastic that Nottinghamshire Police have taken the initiative to ensure that this gap goes someway to being filled, through the creation of a dedicated freight crime division of their National Crime Business Forum (NCBF). The NCBF has been created to tackle the effects of crime against business and brings together representatives from the private sector, police forces, Home Office and key industry bodies. The freight crime division of the NCBF will see Nottinghamshire Police co-ordinate with organisations nationwide in order to keep a central record of freight related crimes.

Freight crime is a real and prevalent issue, so I fully support the work that Nottinghamshire Police is doing; however, the NCBF can only do so much on its own. In the long-term I do hope to see the return of a dedicated body such as or similar to TruckPol working in partnership with the transport industry and local police forces. I know this is something that is currently being lobbied for, so we ll have to watch this space for what the future holds for freight crime prevention but in the meantime, I fully commend Nottinghamshire Police and the work of the NCBF.

Sources: http://www.commercialmotor.com/latest-news/nottinghamshire-police-offers-truck-crime-lifeline

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Ask Andy: Replacing TruckPol | Alltruck

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