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As an established team of freight forwarders from Burnley, Lancashire, First European have the expertise that allow us to communicate and prepare for customers demands, process the documentation required for european shipments and perform the related work that is needed to set us apart from our competitors. We offer individuals and businesses a reliable and cost effective freight forwarding service by road. We arrange cargo movement to international destinations, specialising in the UK and mainland Europe.

All of this results in a reliable, easy to work with logistics partner that cares about its clients and understands the importance of delivering consignments on time, every time. Some of our main duties when forwarding freight include the ordering and sorting of typical documentation which is required for international clearing. These come in the form of export declarations, commercial invoices, bills of lading and other associated representation that may be required by the import/export country or carrier to ensure a reliable way to forward freight to mainland Europe.

We take care of all the legalities and can arrange a shipment over the telephone or via email, making First European one of the leading UK freight forwarders today; bringing the far reaches of Europe much closer to home. We work all day every day to deliver the quality standard of freight forwarding required in today s busy world. With our next day delivery option by road to European destinations, we understand our clients needs for efficient transportation of freight goods; providing a cheaper, safer, more efficient service than our closest competitors which makes all the difference to our clients.

With our professional yet approachable attitude, we are sure that our comprehensive service will be the staying power in our clients decisions to choose us every time they require a team of freight forwarders that always deliver the goods. UK Freight Forwarders Dedicated To You First European are a team of dedicated professional freight forwarders centred around client needs. Whether a large load needs to be delivered in Venice by sundown tomorrow, or whether you simply need it transporting across the Pennines, First European are sure to make the process as simple and as easy as possible.

We make sure that the cost-effectiveness of our freight services are one of our main priorities so that our clients will always choose to remain with our dedicated team. Our advice team can help you improve the all-round efficiency of your experience with our freight forwarders, or can offer helpful tips or support for any problems that customers may come across i.e. specific importing and exporting regulations.

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Freight Forwarders | Manchester, Lancashire & UK | First European …

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