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Altius, SA (Valencia, Spain) – Perishable Logistics Specialists Network

Altius, S.A. is born in 1999 after dividing the forwarding and customs department of the Davila Group. The latter, established in 1917, is a prestigious group in the Spanish maritime sector for its long history serving as shipowners, stevedores, customs brokers, freight forwarders, and warehousing.

Its home port is Vigo, where from the beginning it was closely linked to the traffic of perishable goods, a specialty to which it is still a reference to any company linked to commodities such as fresh or frozen fish, fruit, meat, etc Today Altius, S.A. is focused primarily in covering all their customers needs in the supply chain, with a goal of reducing costs of the various activities of their customers, creating models of efficiency and measurable productivity schemes. For more information about their services, please view there Company Profile 1 C/Reina, 24 – 2, 46011, VALENCIA.

Spain Tel : +34 963241080 Fax : +34 96 3670630 Contact : Antonio M ndez, Director Forwarding / COO E-mail : Members Only References ^ Company Profile (perishablelogisticsspecialists.net)

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Altius, SA (Valencia, Spain) – Perishable Logistics Specialists Network

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