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Students celebrate Christmas in Espanol

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-Hundreds of St. Louis kids celebrated the Christmas season Friday in their school speaking Spanish and learning about the Hispanic culture. It was all part of the holiday celebration at the St. Louis Language Immersion Schools Spanish campus[1] in The Grove neighborhood. The students from kindergarten through fifth grade sang songs in Spanish, ate Hispanic food, and knocked down pi atas as part of the party.

The Spanish campus teaches the kids mostly in Spanish. The Immersion schools also have elementary school campuses in French and Chinese then there is an international middle school where all of the kids come together. The focus of the system is to offer kids a bi-lingual education to help prepare them to succeed in the global economy.

What is important is that we want the kids to open their minds, to have a more international mind for what is really happening in the world, said Arlene Galve, the head of the Spanish school.

The immersion schools are tuition free charter schools. There are a total of 850 kids on the four campuses, 4 00 of them are in the Spanish school.


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