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LRFC Volunteers Thank you!

We d like to thank all the volunteers that made our tribute to Vince Jones so memorable.

Volunteer Name and Area of Expertise Andrew Davis – Game and sound J Rock Water /team support John Carr Pitch lining/bar logistics Glenn Smallwood Club Representative Cody Duda Grounds Ross Wallin Alumni co ordination Nick Legate, Barbara Ann McEachern Photography Emma Legate, Bernadette Huron 50 : 50 Russ Wykes, Brad Steward, India Pearson, Anne Espiritu Bar AGUAV – Aerial Photography Kevin Breese, Ed Holton, Bruce Kidd Peterborough PagansJohnny Watkins, Scott Goff, Chris Mckee Oshawa VikingsAlison Westrop, Dennis Newman Lindsay Gryphons Cathy Coulter, Wade Coulter, Byron ,Mac, Glenn, Smallwood, Nevin, Tyler Marshall, Drew Vahey Brittany Watson, and Friends Parking Tristan Huron, Joey Beasley Game Auxiliary Chris Silverthorn, Steve Lamb, Brett Beukeboom, Aaron Stinchcomb; Trevor Kidd -Coaches Blake Barry Physio Lynda Hamilton, Glenn and Susan Smallwood, Stacey Wiltshire, Melissa McCausland, Jeff Francis, Janet McLean, Sara Beukeboom, Jessica Jeffrey, Andrea Keenan, Melissa Johnston, Cherie Knox Desserts Dana Whiteford, Stacey Wiltshire, Ozzie Polito, Amanda Pascoe, Marnie Lamb, Jessica Jeffrey, Bernadette Huron, Jen Nicholson, Cathy Coulter SaladsCathy Coulter and family BreadSandy Melissa and Ted Spearing Daffodils, potatoes All who came to watch supporters All who joined in the picture everyone All who did or do play rugby All who remember Vince Vince Jones Barbarian President s XV | May 16, 2014 | Greenway Park , Lindsay ON

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