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New Details Surface About Amazon's Drone Delivery …

Last year, Amazon announced its plan of implementing a drone delivery program, which the company considers as an innovative way of delivering packages to its customers. The company is said to be working with aeronautical engineers, roboticists, and a former NASA astronaut to make this program a reality. Amazon has released a video last month, showing a prototype of an automated drone that shares features of both helicopters and airplanes. David Pogue of Yahoo Tech, revealed new details about the e-commerce giant s drone delivery program from his interview with Paul Misener, Amazon s Vice President for Global Public Policy. The following are the details discussed during the interview:

  • The drone delivery program is part of Amazon s Prime Air delivery services that would deliver packages, weighing about 55 lbs., to customers within 30 minutes.
  • Amazon will be using different kinds of drones designed for different kinds of delivery circumstances.
  • The drones are highly automated, which uses a send-and-avoid technology.
  • To prevent drones from interfering with air travel, Amazon will create a certain kind of airspace that would keep the drones separated from the aircrafts. There would be a no-fly zone between 400 and 500 feet. The delivery drones transit zone would be between 200 and 400 feet.
  • Amazon hopes to first implement this program in the United States, however, FAA still doesn t have regulations in place.

Amazon is anticipating a lot of challenges in making this radical idea a reality. Can this new way of delivering packages become successful?

To find out more details about Amazon s drone delivery program, you can read the transcript here: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/exclusive-amazon-reveals-details-about-1343951725436982.html[1].


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