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Book Review – Stone Cold Killer – A Father, Writer, and Logistics …

Book Review – Stone Cold Killer – A Father, Writer, And Logistics ...
Stone Cold Killer (Gargoyle Gumshoe Book 1)
By Janene Scott
5 Stars

Janene Scott creates this world where all the things that go bump in the night are not only real, but citizens of the world. That s right Gentle Readers. Vampires and shifters, dryads and demons. Not to mention Demetria Stone, a Gargoyle with a badge as part of the Brute Squad (lovely nickname for the Mirror Folk Police Department). Demetria is on the trail of some mysterious murders/disappearances involving humans and Mirrorfolk alike. What she doesn t know is just how far she will have to go to solve this case. When the perp decides it is time to eliminate the investigating officer, Ms. Stone is in a race for her life. If you have any interest in a more traditional take on all those monsters (as opposed to sparkly vampires and love sick werewolves) then I recommend you pick this one up. I was surprised how quickly I finished this one as it was a very comfortable read despite its near 300 pages. I guess I was under some witch s spell and couldn t put it down.

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