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The Ark-H Group amongst the Top 100 independent companies in …

In June financial advisors Grant Thornton released their Bedfordshire Limited 2014 report, which included the Ark-H Group as a Top 100 independent company. This is a detailed analysis compiled using latest company accounts to provide an assessment of the county s overall business performance and changing marketplace. Started in 1990 by its current Directors, The Ark-H Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary next year.

The business has grown from small beginnings (2,000 square feet and three people) to the point where it now occupies over 150,000 square feet of space and employs over 200 people 100 plus at the Bedfordshire site and a further 100 at the subsidiary company in Norfolk.

1 The Ark-H Group services the fulfilment and logistics needs of over 85 clients, ranging from prestigious multi-nationals such as Roche, Starbucks and P&G, through government and 3rd sector organisations, to its rapidly expanding group of successful ecommerce entrepreneurs. The business prides itself on very high standards of quality and a completely client-centric approach to service delivery. These standards are borne out by the company s impressive accreditations, including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and ISO22301.

Most importantly, the staff resource within the county has enabled the business to achieve continuing growth and success through the skills and commitment of its people. Fiona Strong, Managing Director of the Ark-H Group says that the business finds the Bedfordshire environment ideal. We have benefitted from a considerable amount of local support, from Bedford Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the British Standards Institution in nearby Milton Keynes and many, many other local organisations.

Furthermore, although we cannot claim prescience in our choice of location (although sometimes we try!), since 1990 Bedford has developed into the logistics hub for the UK perfect for a company such as ours which needs easy access nationwide.

2 With another new building of 40,000 square feet scheduled to come on stream in 2015, the Ark-H Group aims to keep expanding in Bedfordshire for many years to come.

References ^ The Ark-H Group (www.arkhgroup.co.uk) ^ Ark-H Group (www.arkhgroup.co.uk)

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The Ark-H Group amongst the Top 100 independent companies in …

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Inditex's Zara Faces Rising Competition | eft – Supply Chain …

Zara s and its parent company, Inditex, are perhaps the text book for how to do retail supply chain right. Based in Spain, the company has perfected the way to design, source, produce and distribute to its stores the latest fashion in a matter of just weeks. Zara s manufacturing facilities in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and Turkey produce its trendiest clothes and account for about half of Zara s inventory, according to the company.

Its basic attire such as t-shirts and sweaters are ordered on a traditional schedule, about six months in advance, from facilities in Asia and other low-cost locations. However, regardless of where items are produced, all make their way through Zara s massive five million square foot distribution center in Spain to be inspected and sorted before being shipped to Zara s stores. This centralization has helped the company become one of the most successful global retailers.

However, in 2013, China surpassed France to become the company s second-largest in terms of the number of stores 142. Like many retailers, Inditex has been expanding globally however, not surprising, this appears to have come at a price as 2013 through October operating costs rose 7.0% and profit slowed. Despite this, the company plans to continue its expansion plans by launching e-commerce operations in South Korea and Mexico in 2014 along with additional physical stores.

Inditex currently has a total of 4,545 stores in Europe, 536 in the Americas and 1,168 in Asia and the rest of the world. Will its centralized supply chain continue to succeed as it expands? or will it look to replicate its Spanish cluster-model in Asia?

Based on its recent financial reports, investments and upgrades to its logistics centers in Spain are ongoing while it opens physical stores throughout the world. This indicates that for the time being at least, Spain will remain the focal point of its logistics operations. It is expanding its online platform which may help stem some of its rising operating costs (Depending on how these platforms operate, it could in fact complicate matters).

Online stores were established in China in 2012, Russia and Canada in 2013 and as mentioned previously, South Korea and Mexico in 2014 along with Greece and Romania. Currently, Zara.com is available in over 20 countries and plans to expand its online platform for a total of 27 countries by the end of 2014. Like other retailers, Inditex s Zara and its other retail brands are facing the need to expand.

Asia presents many opportunities for European and American retailers, however, competition is great and logistics constraints such as delivery remain concerning.

Inditex will need to be mindful of financial consequences as it expands while necessary, the returns will need to be closely monitored.

For the full fiscal year 2013 (period ending January 31, 2014) net sales increased only 5.0% with net income growing 1.0%.

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Inditex's Zara Faces Rising Competition | eft – Supply Chain …

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