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Nothing 2 Declare: Honey …. we're HOME!

Been a while ain’t it? 🙂 We’ve been travelling a lot … l’ve been in the States for some time in the state of Arizona. Got myself back into motorbikes whilst l was there and have continued to do that now back in UK. Done lots of other stuff too.

We left because we felt we’d done as much as we could and the N2D Forum[1] continues our work. It’s now run by friends of ours and they still help cross-border shoppers who have problems with Border Force. We’d particularly like to thank Eezyrider along with the other Mods and regular members for doing such a fine job. They are very knowledgable about all the regs etc and the tactics of Border Force (< who are still not fit for purpose). As always ... all the advice on N2D Forum[2] is free! So, why are we back? Well, we still receive lots of mail but 99% is handled by the Forum. Amongst this mail has been something that has interested us. lt’s not about cross-border shopping … it’s about a Border Force section that call themselves the Revenue Fraud Detection Team (RFDT for short) and abide at Freight Clearance Centre, Lord Warden Square, Western Docks, Dover, Kent. RFDT look to have gone rogue … with help from other departments in HMRC and our ‘friends’ at the National Post Seizure Unit. RFDT live in Ivory Towers and don’t like any public intrusion or attention.

So, we thought it’s time to do just that and let the public know what these excuses for public servants are up to. Give us a couple of days to clear the cobwebs out the office and we’ll show you how they are harassing and destroying legitimate UK Companies just because they deal in raw tobacco leaf.

What crime have these companies committed? … NONE

What evidence do RFDT have against these companies? … NONE

OF course you’d think RFDT are abiding by their own rules and regulations … THINK AGAIN

Watch this space … we shall reveal all 🙂

Right, time to clean office


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  2. ^ N2D Forum (n2d.boardhost.com)