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We Will Not Debate You, We Will Replace You

We Will Not Debate You, We Will Replace You

Recent events in the news media should give us an opportunity for reflection. If you are someone who believes that popular culture has taken a nosedive in the past forty years, you will be attacked and vilified. If you dare to express sentiments that contradict the prevailing orthodoxy, you will be attacked and slandered.

When men are attacked and shamed for doing nothing but attempting to meet, drink a glass of beer, and build communal bonds, society is in deep trouble. And this has now been revealed for all the world to see. Debate, if that word is to have any rational meaning, can only take place if there is good faith on the part of all participants. When there is no good faith that is, when one side deliberately lies and distorts the views of the other then there are no grounds for rational discussion.

The government and news media work hand in hand to enforce doctrinal orthodoxy. If you are a media flunky that is, if you work for one of the major online news rackets you will be thrown your scraps from the master s table.

You will be rewarded for being a good little slave.

But if you dare to challenge the narrative, if you dare to propose an alternate view of what is good and bad in society, you can expect quite different treatment. Such persecution takes various and sundry forms. In the days of old, there were Inquisitions, barons, bishops, and other instruments of control[1].

We Will Not Debate You, We Will Replace You

Modernly, we have hate speech laws, media incitement, public shaming, and the most sickening grandstanding by hack politicians. The means are different, but the goals are the same: control. And the current regimes in the Anglosphere have decided to embrace a certain worldview. This worldview, we believe, has no basis in history or human experience, and operates to the net detriment of social order.

It will lead, we believe, to falling birthrates, strained relations between the genders, and a decline in morals, educational standards, and social order. But you have chosen to silence alternative voices. You do not care about these things. That is obvious. All you care about is your own short-term appeasement of those who advocate cultural depravity and debasement. You hate traditional culture and all it stands for, because it checks your depraved appetites, reins in your base impulses, and holds you to a certain standard.

You go out of your way to reward the dregs, the corrupt, and the vile. And you not only embrace it, but you celebrate it, and wish to coerce everyone else to celebrate it. On this site, and in my books, I have worked to demonstrate the lessons that history teaches us, and how those lessons resonate today. But you have chosen to betray the legacy of your forefathers.

You have chosen to consign the present generation of men, who asked for nothing but your respect and consideration, to an untutored and unmoored fate. You have cast them off, and washed your hands of them, these men, and you did it while mouthing the same meaningless platitudes that have come to be second-nature to you, delivered with Cheshire cat-like smirks. We know you.

We know what you are capable of. You and your lies do not deceive us.

And now the entire world knows as well.

There will be no more debates, no discussions, no dialogues, no approval-seeking on our part. You are not interested in honest dialogue. So there are no grounds for discussion. Instead, we will work that much stronger, harder, faster, and more furiously to replace your ideology with a different one. Your ideology will wither on the vine, the fruit of an irredeemably corrupted tree.

We are better than you. We are nobler than you.

And we will replace your ideology.

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