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Lichfield rail group secretary brands Trent Valley Station access a …

Apr 30, 2013 by Ross Access at Lichfield Trent Valley Station has been branded a disgrace . Ian Jackson,secretary of the Lichfield Rail Promotion group, made his comments in a letter to the Lichfield Alliance. Trent Valley has long been criticised because two of the three platforms do not have disabled access.

Ian Jackson And now Mr Jackson,who is also standing in the forthcoming Staffordshire County Council elections, has warned that all involved parties need to work together. I agree that provision for access and car parking at this station is a disgrace, he said. While the County Council can push for improved facilities at this station, it is up to London Midland and Network Rail to resolve the problems.

There is new funding being made available next year as part of the Access for All scheme, and we are all trying to ensure that some of this cash comes to Lichfield. The increased footfall at Trent Valley, as well as it s growing importance as an interchange station and the fact that it is the nearest access point for the National Memorial Arboretum, all give some hope that we will succeed, although 100m does not go very far on railway infrastructure and the competition for these funds is fierce. Mr Jackson has also warned that the station s parking provision will struggle to cope unless more is done.

The station currently has limited spaces, although a new car park off Old Burton Road will see the number of spaces doubled. This will improve the parking provision, but I suspect that further suppressed demand will mean that more will very soon be needed, Mr Jackson said. There is a proposal to provide parking across the road on the old freight depot as part of the Streethay development, but this is in my view in the wrong place and the Streethay development itself has been thrown into question by HS2.

The old GKN site would be far more appropriate, but the land owners seem to have an overly optimistic view of its value, despite that fact that the site has been empty for years.

Ian Jackson is standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Staffordshire County Council in Lichfield City South.

Other candidates standing are Colin Ball (Lab), Eileen Cope (UKIP), Terry Finn (Cons).

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Lichfield rail group secretary brands Trent Valley Station access a …

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