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Danny | Get a Life without Anorexia

I was living in Edinburgh at the time. It was middle of 1994 and I hadn t been very well and was recovering in hospital. One afternoon I was awakened from a deep sleep.

When I came round, my friend Danny was sat on the edge of my bed. He smiled at me with his usually infection grin. He was wearing a smart leather jacket that his friend(sorry I can t remember his name) had bought for him.

After talking for about an hour, Danny quickly stood up and tightly gripped my hand as he shook it. He turned from me and waved goodbye. Later that day I found out that straight after leaving me, Danny had climbed on to the railway bridge next to the hospital and threw himself under a train as it passed beneath him.

Unfortunately, Danny went under a slow moving freight train. Doctors quickly arrived from the hospital and tried to save his life by attempting to amputate his legs as he lay at the side of the tracks. He was pumped full of painkillers, but Danny stilled died in agony as his body couldn t take any more of the trauma.

I was the last person Danny ever spoke to before he died. Danny was schizophrenic. I had no idea what he was going to do.

I wonder how many other people remember Danny?

Danny was 21

Danny | Get a Life without Anorexia

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