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Pampered Prince: Anthony Logistics Vitamin C Serum

I’d been on the lookout for a decent Vitamin C treatment for a while, mainly for my pigmentation, although Vitamin C in skincare does have a whole host of other benefits too, such as wrinkle prevention and improving skin texture. The lovely people over at groomu.co.uk 1 contacted me and asked if I’d like to try the Anthony Logistics Vitamin C Serum . After a quick peruse of it’s ingredients, it looked like a great serum, so I agreed to give it a try.

Lots of products claim to have Vitamin C benefits, however for a lot of products out there, it’s just false promises. The problem with Vitamin C in skincare products, is it’s a very unstable ingredient and it’s potency diminishes very quickly. The great thing about the Anthony Logistics Vitamin C Serum is that it contains Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 2 , an effective and very stable form of Vitamin C, which can increase hydration, improve skin elasticity and in high enough doses (greater than 10%) can even lighten skin, by inhibiting melanin production.

Pretty cool huh? What’s also great about the Anthony Logistics Vitamin C Serum is that it’s not just an effective antioxidant serum with a stable form of Vitamin C, but it also contains some other great ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, polypeptides and extracts of cucumber and liquorice, to hydrate, smooth, brighten, firm and even skins tone. It comes in a 29ml glass bottle with pump dispenser containing an orange coloured gel.

It’s recommended for all skin types, which I’d have to agree with. It’s really lightweight water-based gel, so ideal for oily skins and absorbs really quickly, so isn’t going to prevent drier skin types from applying other treatments over the top. I used 3 pumps, morning and evening, after toning and before any other treatments and found it slotted into my regime really easily.

Results wise while using the Anthony Logistics Vitamin C Serum , I am really pleased. It’s definitely hydrating, in fact I stopped using my hyaluronic acid serum 3 while using this. They’re similar in texture and I found this was hydrating enough on it’s own.

My skin was also really clear, which I attribute to the salicylic acid in the product. Most importantly I did notice an improvement in my skin tone and pigmentation prior to my holiday. Even after another week away in 42 C sunshine, my pigmentation didn’t come out in force as much as it did in April without this.

My only gripe about the product is that it doesn’t come with a lid, which would have made traveling with it a little messy. Luckily for me, I had a spare lid from another product which fitted this perfectly. Also, it didn’t last me very long.

About 5 weeks in total. However in all honesty, I’d rather have a product that lasts 5 weeks and works, than a product that lasts 10 weeks but doesn’t work. I’d definitely purchase it in the future and I’d happily recommend it to others too.

Retailing at 30 for 29ml and is available from groomu.co.uk 4 .

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Pampered Prince: Anthony Logistics Vitamin C Serum

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