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CUSTOMS DUTY Warehousing Conditions for approval for customs warehouse Retail sale Sales of warehoused goods to distributors retaining some for personal use Whether retail sale Conditions precluding to distributors while goods warehoused Implementing Regulation (2454/94/EEC) Art 527.2 Sixth Directive (77/388/EC) Art 16 FA 1994 s.18(1) Appeal dismissed
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Sherrington Highlights – Some of Our Searches In The Last 18 …

Since our inception in July 2014 we ve supported clients in various sectors, successfully recruiting senior executives across a range of disciplines and directorates and setting-up new teams in sales and marketing.

Here s a snapshot of some of the projects we ve successfully delivered:

  • Recruited a Group Finance Director for a PE backed healthcare business to restructure group finance, drive M&A strategy and lead a demanding due-diligence programme for new acquisitions whilst managing corporate relationships with investors and external stakeholders through rapid expansion.
  • Supported a family-owned dry-bulk chartering and steel logistics business to enter new markets through strategic JV s and new contract acquisition via the appointment of a new Commercial Director from a major European shipping and logistics company.
  • Supported a private-equity backed financial services outfit achieve transformational change by implementing regulatory compliance ahead of sale with the appointment of a Head of Risk & Compliance from a major FTSE bank.
  • Supported a China based shipping company grow their European ship-owner customer base with the appointment a European Regional Sales Manager based in Germany. Now we continue to support them in APAC.
  • Supported a major player in the Irish Sea ferry market with an internal benchmarking exercise combined with targeted headhunting and media campaign to appoint a General Manager to lead UK and ROI operations.
  • Supported a high-growth privately-owned procurement-outsourcing business to grow market share and acquire major contracts with FTSE customers by constructing a new corporate sales team of 4 highly-experienced corporate sales people tasked with acquiring new multi-million pound contracts.
  • Supported a growing analytical services provider to the energy sector to expand their footprint in Europe by conducting a deep research-based headhunting exercise into the competitor market in Northern Europe leading to the appointment of a highly experienced sales lead from a major oils, fuels and lubricants distributor. The success of this placement has led to additional search assignments across other areas of the group business including their water and environmental divisions.
  • Supported a major GmbH manufacturer of high-end building products to harmonise UK installation operations with the appointment of a Senior Project Manager under tight timescales with the imminent retirement of the predecessor. Having completed this search successfully we went on to appoint a Head of Business Development for the UK.
  • Supported a 70m British manufacturer of steel interior products transform their sales proposition to a solutions based offering across a range of new markets through the appointment of two Key Account Managers and a team of Business Development Managers from within their industry niche.

Thanks to all our clients so far. We look forward to supporting you for a long time to come.

To discuss our executive search services, please contact us for a confidential discussion:

T: +44 (0) 1244 310145





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Class 24 Diesel at Kings Cliffe (1965) « PETERBOROUGHIMAGES …

Longsight, Manchester based Class 24 #D5146 approaching Kings Cliffe station with a westbound passenger train in June 1965. The same loco was lucky to survive this long having been at the head of a freight train derailment in 1963 at Weedon in Northants that saw a passenger train plough into the derailed wagons. D5146 was eventually withdrawn along with most of the class in early 1976.

Class 24 Diesel At Kings Cliffe (1965) « PETERBOROUGHIMAGES ...

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