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Had a paint correction detail done

This was a Christmas treat for me! It wasn’t cheap at all, and took three full days. A good interior valet was thrown in for free!

The photos won’t do the car justice – it’s as near to brand new looking as it’s ever going to be. No scratches, no swirls, no holograms – it’s bloody perfect!

Best money I ever spent, and I’m VERY happy!

Had A Paint Correction Detail Done ImageUploadedByTapatalk1450548266.796338.jpg 385.33KB 40 downloads
Had A Paint Correction Detail Done ImageUploadedByTapatalk1450548277.415841.jpg 397.38KB 40 downloads
Had A Paint Correction Detail Done ImageUploadedByTapatalk1450548287.981615.jpg 421.24KB 38 downloads
Had A Paint Correction Detail Done ImageUploadedByTapatalk1450548297.448793.jpg 423.98KB 37 downloads
Had A Paint Correction Detail Done ImageUploadedByTapatalk1450548308.631630.jpg 443.8KB 35 downloads
Had A Paint Correction Detail Done ImageUploadedByTapatalk1450548344.017209.jpg 431.33KB 35 downloads
Had A Paint Correction Detail Done ImageUploadedByTapatalk1450548355.785863.jpg 198.67KB 36 downloads


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Hello Folks, thought i’d share a few photos of most recent addition to the family (arrived this morning, having contacted the hauliers on Thursday – if anyone needs a good courier, give Hampshire Freight Services a call – over 200miles in a little over 1 working day – pretty slick – arrived wrapped and strapped to a decent pallet and for a very reasonable 50+vat) This is build number 05991 DN and has been operated it’s entire life – over 8million plays – cabinet has survived very well, the upside of not having had to suffer much if any cold storage. It was due to be scrapped, having stopped working with a board fault (thanks to Richard for allowing me to save it). Although i’ve no nostalgic attachment to it, i’ve wanted one for a while – arguably a milestone in machine development – the first stepper reel game, or at least JPM’s original solid state AWP.

This one passed inspection 1st June ’79. It’s largely complete, with 2 spare program cards, although has sadly lost it’s original reel glass and had a copy sandwiched between 2 thin sheets of flexible perspex installed in place (now on the hunt for a good original mirrored glass). Been converted to cash only payout and some coin handling missing – hoping to put back to original.

The top perspex has some cracks in top right corner (would be great to replace with a nice one but that might take a while to find!). Not sure if the cash boxes are original – perhaps someone could take a look at the photo and advise? Not sure what colours the collect and gamble buttons were originally – am guessing red?

Reel bands have seen better days, but considering this machine has probably run most of its 34yrs …

Loose wires throughout (machine has been pilfered for lamps since coming out of service) – might need some help reattaching correctly – is a Personality Pack for this game around? (seem to have lost access to resources) Gonna take a while to sort this, partly due to a lack of time at present (just recently moved) – plenty to keep me busy with the long cold nights fast approaching!

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