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Train derails in Western NY that carried materials that travel through …

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RIPLEY, N.Y. (NEWS10) A train derailment in Western New York served as a reminder to local emergency crews of what could possibly happen in the Capital Region. Hazmat and emergency crews continue to clean up after a train derailed in Ripley, N.Y. Tuesday night. Homes were evacuated after two cars spilled ethanol.

First it was the house shaking real bad, and then the train derailed right in front of our house, Mechanic Street resident Stella Zeigler said. More than 40 homes were evacuated after a 16-car train derailed[1] on the Norfolk Southern Rails Tuesday night. Two cars spilled ethanol, a volatile liquid that also comes through the Capital Region almost every day.

We do have a lot of dangerous stuff that comes through here, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said. Our emergency management is always dealing with the local manufacturers and the local railyards and trucking companies.

Albany County s local emergency planning commission keeps track of what comes in and out of the Capital Region, and it s more than just oil. But the reality is that the crude oil trains run behind neighborhoods and next to reservoirs, and they pick up speed once they leave the port.

I get more concerned out in the suburban and rural areas where they are moving 30 to 40 miles per hour, because there, if they have a derailment, they re going to roll over and they re going to rip open, Apple said. The tanks that travel through the area contain two million gallons of propane. The answers to the what ifs are nothing short of catastrophic.

I think the river would stop flowing for quite some time, Apple said. Because there would be a big hold right there.

Albany County has tanker task forces in case of an emergency like the one in Ripley.

The cause of the derailment is under investigation.


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Day 1 in Italy | Emmaus KC

Day 1 In Italy | Emmaus KCAs it turned out, our goal for today was to take as many modes of transportations as possible . . . and not fall asleep.

We have now been up for about 32 hours straight while traveling on 3 airplanes, 1 tram, 1 bus and 3 trains. I think we are both ready to crash before another day begins. Today we got a bit of orientation from Charlie, a worker here. He s been so very helpful teaching us the logistics of buying our own train tickets, getting from the city center to our hotel on our own, and overall practical things that we need to know to be self sufficient this week. Ronni tried (and hated) Italian pizza. To be fair, I thought it was very American in style and not at all the kind of pizza you can find elsewhere in Italy. I, of course, found chocolate quickly and may or may not have died on the spot from the awesomeness of it all.

Although we were tired, we went to visit the city of Rovigo which does not yet have a church to partner with the work there. We were given time to go out and meet at least one person so that we could pray for that city with the face of an actual person on our mind. Ronni met a woman at a cafe where he had his first Italian espresso and loved it. I went and met a woman who owned a children s clothing store and between a mix of Spanish/Italian/English and my Apple Watch, we laughed and connected. We also prayer walked which means we walked around and prayed specifically for the people and places we were seeing right then and there. We also asked specifically for God to send followers of Jesus to that town to plant churches and share the gospel.

Pray for us tomorrow as we head out to another city. We need coffee (Ronni) and chocolate (me) to make it past this tiring first day. We are thrilled to be here. We are thankful that you, church, have supported and sent us here to get started on what Emmaus has been called to do in Italy. Thank you.

Day 1 In Italy | Emmaus KC

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