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Bonded warehouses in the UK

Bonded Warehouses In The UK

We receive many calls and enquiries to our office here at Whichwarehouse in respect of how to find a list of warehouses in the UK that offer Customs Bonded storage & warehousing services. As you may well be aware, no such list exists in the public domain. Specialised warehousing in the UK is not as widely advertised as ambient and temperature controlled facilities and therefore contact details are hard to find when it comes to a company requiring bonded storage solutions. Bonded Warehouses In The UK[1]

That s where Whichwarehouse can assist. We have a small number of third party logistics[2] providers in the UK covering various locations who as well as offering ambient and temperature controlled warehouse facilities, can also provide Customs Bonded storage and warehousing logistics services.

HMRC Bonded warehouses

If you import expensive goods into the UK such as electrical items or alcohol you might wish to defer the payment of duty and VAT until you sell the goods. There are specific warehouses available throughout the UK (predominantly located and found near major UK ports) that can assist you with this aspect of your business. This option allows the importer to pass on the cost to their customers at the point of sale (P.O.S) rather than having a large outlay at the time of import. Another reason a company might be seeking a bonded warehouse is if the goods are being imported and then re-exported from the UK where duty or VAT may not be applicable. Bonded warehouses must be approved by HMRC[3] in order to store imported goods or goods that are to be re-exported from the UK. We strongly advise all customers to speak to HMRC if you are looking into wet or dry bonded warehousing as they will be able to provide you with up-to-date information to ensure you have all the facts. The paperwork involved with the procedures and regulations that need to be adhered to can take up to 6 weeks, or more, to process and therefore it is recommended that you put in your applications as soon as possible. This is especially necessary when importing alcohol as companies importing certain alcoholic goods will require a WOWGR[4] licence (Warehousekeepers and Owners of Warehoused Goods Regulations (UK). When filing your paperwork with HMRC you will need to provide details of the warehouse you intend to store your goods in. Therefore again, it is vital that you look into this in plenty of time before you import the goods as you will need all arrangements in place before you can bring the goods to the UK. These links might assist you in your research of bonded warehousing regulations.

To make your search easier, we are listing the details below of the current 3PL s listed in the Whichwarehouse network who have HMRC customs bonded warehouse space available, so that you might contact them direct to enquire as to how they can assist your business operations. Please refer to Whichwarehouse as the source when calling or emailing.

Bonded Warehouses In The UK

Kings Lynn 175,000sqft dry bond click here[8] for full details and contact info

Coventry 295,000sqft dry bond click here[9] for full details and contact info

Swindon 1 million square foot wet & dry bond click here[10] for full details and contact info

Sharpness 637,000sqft wet bond click here[11] for full details and contact info

Knowsley, Liverpool 138,000sqft dry and wet bond click here[12] for full details and contact info

Epping, Essex 30,000sqft dry bond click here[13] for full details and contact info

Coggeshall, Essex 65,000sqft dry bond click here[14] for full details and contact info

Southampton 250,000sqft wet & dry bond click here[15] for full details and contact info

Witham 145,000sqft dry bond click here[16] for full details and contact info

Ebbsfleet, Kent 150,000sqft dry bond click here[17] for full details and contact info

St Helens, Merseyside 420,000sqft wet & dry bond click here[18] for full details and contact info

Rugby 72,000sqft dry bond click here[19] for full details and contact info

For assistance with any storage, warehousing or distribution requirement please feel free to contact us on 0800 7837842 or email [email protected] and we will be pleased to assist and advise accordingly.

Bonded Warehouses In The UK

[20] March 15th, 2016

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Working for British Embassy Bogotá

British Embassy

Location: Colombia[3] Part of: Foreign & Commonwealth Office[4]


  1. Personal Assistant Deputy Head of Mission[5]
  2. Economic Diplomacy Officer[6]
  3. A1 Programme and Financial Assistant[7]
  4. Job Application Form[8]

Working for British Embassy Bogot

The British Embassy is an equal opportunities employer, dedicated to inclusivity, a diverse workforce and valuing difference. Staff recruited locally by the British Embassy in Bogota are subject to Terms and Conditions of Service according to local Colombian employment law.

Personal Assistant Deputy Head of Mission

Job Description Personal Assistant Deputy Head of Mission[9] (PDF, 480KB, 2 pages)

The Personal Assistant to the DHM (PA-DHM) will provide first-class administrative support to the DHM and effective management of the day-to-day running of the DHM s office. The PA-DHM will be expected to act as a key liaison with Heads of Section, filter and respond to requests to the DHM s in-box, coordinate preparation of briefings and speeches, oversee DHM s budget, maintain strict quality control over communications and letters, and ensure the smooth operation and prioritisation of DHM s workload. Additionally it is expected for the role to participate in a number of initiatives and projects under the lead of the DHM, including participation in the British Embassy Outreach Strategy. As part of the job holder s involvement in the Outreach Strategy, he/she will line manage an Economic Diplomacy Officer based in Barranquilla. Deadline for Applications: January 5th., 2016

Economic Diplomacy Officer

Job Description Economic Diplomacy Officer[10] (PDF, 299KB, 3 pages)

To work on behalf of the British Embassy, in Barranquilla and the wider Atl ntico area, building a strong network of contacts across government, business and civil society to help support delivery of the Embassy s objectives. To act as a local specialist, working with local partners to identify areas in which the UK can support the development of an open, rules-based business environment that supports sustainable growth, reporting on key political developments, and promoting and identifying opportunities for UK businesses in the region. To provide local support for visits by Embassy staff to Barranquilla (and to a lesser extent Santa Marta and Cartagena), including programme design, meeting arrangements, logistics etc. The job holder will be based in Barranquilla and must be willing to work from a range of different offices in partner organisations, as directed by the Embassy. The job holder will also be expected to visit the Embassy in Bogota for meetings, as required, during the year. Deadline for Applications: January 5th., 2016

A1 Programme and Financial Assistant

Job Description Programme and Financial Assistant[11] (PDF, 371KB, 3 pages)

The UK Embassy in Bogot is implementing a number of projects in support of the Colombia peace process with civil society, Government and multilateral partners. The successful candidate will work as part of the Political Team providing support in finance and project management of activities funded through the Conflict Security and Stability Fund.

Deadline for Applications: 20th December 2015

Job Application Form

Job Application Form[12] (MS Word Document, 121KB)


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