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Heathrow Expansion Under Legal Threat « The Anonymous Widower

Heathrow Airport will look back on March 2016, as very much a mense horribilis.[1]

After the cracks in the Class 332 trains[2], which led to to all sorts of problems with Heathrow Express[3], the airport can t be pleased with this story on the BBC web site[4], entitled Heathrow third runway: Councils in legal threat over plan. This is said.

Four Tory councils have threatened to sue the government if plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport go ahead.

Solicitors acting for Wandsworth, Hillingdon, Richmond and Windsor and Maidenhead councils have written to the prime minister saying expansion would be irrational or otherwise unlawful .

What is surprising about this story, is that only four councils are mentioned. But the Councils involved, are the closest ones to the Airport and the ones likely to get the most complaints from residents. The Airport is actually in Hillingdon. Given that the current Mayor of London and nearly all candidates for the Mayoral Election in May, are against the third runway, I would have thought a few other councils could jump on the bandwagon. And not just Tory ones!

Is there a Council in London and the South East that actually wants Heathrow to have a third runway?

According to Wikipedia[5], Slough is in favour. In The Rise Of Gatwick Airport[6], I said this.

I am coming more to the conclusion, that despite the report of the Airports Commission, Heathrow Airport will never have a third runway, but Gatwick may get a second one, as they can start to plan, for when the deal to not build a second runway with Sussex County Council, runs out in 2019.

I think as time goes on, it will be even more unlikely that Heathrow will get another runway. Heathrow s only hope is that after this year s elections and the Brexit vote, David Cameron decides to allow the runway, as it won t affect him in 2020.


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Brief announcment ~ Photography In Place

Brief Announcment ~ Photography In PlaceIf you follow along with Photography In Place, you know that I frequently include railway related subjects[1]. Today, I am launching a new website dedicated to railroad photography, but with a bit of a twist. The Trackside Photographer[2] will focus on what is along the tracks: stations, freight houses, signals, interlocking towers, bridges, trestles, shops and related elements of the railroad landscape. This is not a personal project. I hope to include articles from photographers and railroad enthusiasts from all over and encourage submissions.

The Trackside Photographer(click here)[3] will publish weekly, on Thursday. Check it out.


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Bionew USA Corp. Inks HQ Lease in Suwanee

| Feb 21, 2016 | Comments 0[1][2]

Bionew USA, an electronics recycling logistics company, signed a 75,414-square-foot lease for its corporate headquarters at 485 Horizon Dr. in Suwanee, GA.

Known as Building 300, the property totals 190,214 square feet in the Horizon Creek Distribution Center. Seefried Properties developed the property in 2007. The entire building park sold in 2011 to Lincoln Property Co.

Bionew USA will occupy about 40% of the building. Other tenants include
Atlanta Commercial Real Estate News From CoStar Group[3]

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