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Bonded warehouses in the UK

Bonded Warehouses In The UK

We receive many calls and enquiries to our office here at Whichwarehouse in respect of how to find a list of warehouses in the UK that offer Customs Bonded storage & warehousing services. As you may well be aware, no such list exists in the public domain. Specialised warehousing in the UK is not as widely advertised as ambient and temperature controlled facilities and therefore contact details are hard to find when it comes to a company requiring bonded storage solutions. Bonded Warehouses In The UK[1]

That s where Whichwarehouse can assist. We have a small number of third party logistics[2] providers in the UK covering various locations who as well as offering ambient and temperature controlled warehouse facilities, can also provide Customs Bonded storage and warehousing logistics services.

HMRC Bonded warehouses

If you import expensive goods into the UK such as electrical items or alcohol you might wish to defer the payment of duty and VAT until you sell the goods. There are specific warehouses available throughout the UK (predominantly located and found near major UK ports) that can assist you with this aspect of your business. This option allows the importer to pass on the cost to their customers at the point of sale (P.O.S) rather than having a large outlay at the time of import. Another reason a company might be seeking a bonded warehouse is if the goods are being imported and then re-exported from the UK where duty or VAT may not be applicable. Bonded warehouses must be approved by HMRC[3] in order to store imported goods or goods that are to be re-exported from the UK. We strongly advise all customers to speak to HMRC if you are looking into wet or dry bonded warehousing as they will be able to provide you with up-to-date information to ensure you have all the facts. The paperwork involved with the procedures and regulations that need to be adhered to can take up to 6 weeks, or more, to process and therefore it is recommended that you put in your applications as soon as possible. This is especially necessary when importing alcohol as companies importing certain alcoholic goods will require a WOWGR[4] licence (Warehousekeepers and Owners of Warehoused Goods Regulations (UK). When filing your paperwork with HMRC you will need to provide details of the warehouse you intend to store your goods in. Therefore again, it is vital that you look into this in plenty of time before you import the goods as you will need all arrangements in place before you can bring the goods to the UK. These links might assist you in your research of bonded warehousing regulations.

To make your search easier, we are listing the details below of the current 3PL s listed in the Whichwarehouse network who have HMRC customs bonded warehouse space available, so that you might contact them direct to enquire as to how they can assist your business operations. Please refer to Whichwarehouse as the source when calling or emailing.

Bonded Warehouses In The UK

Kings Lynn 175,000sqft dry bond click here[8] for full details and contact info

Coventry 295,000sqft dry bond click here[9] for full details and contact info

Swindon 1 million square foot wet & dry bond click here[10] for full details and contact info

Sharpness 637,000sqft wet bond click here[11] for full details and contact info

Knowsley, Liverpool 138,000sqft dry and wet bond click here[12] for full details and contact info

Epping, Essex 30,000sqft dry bond click here[13] for full details and contact info

Coggeshall, Essex 65,000sqft dry bond click here[14] for full details and contact info

Southampton 250,000sqft wet & dry bond click here[15] for full details and contact info

Witham 145,000sqft dry bond click here[16] for full details and contact info

Ebbsfleet, Kent 150,000sqft dry bond click here[17] for full details and contact info

St Helens, Merseyside 420,000sqft wet & dry bond click here[18] for full details and contact info

Rugby 72,000sqft dry bond click here[19] for full details and contact info

For assistance with any storage, warehousing or distribution requirement please feel free to contact us on 0800 7837842 or email [email protected] and we will be pleased to assist and advise accordingly.

Bonded Warehouses In The UK

[20] March 15th, 2016

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South Mountain Co. named best managed

TORONTO A South Mountain shipping company has been named one of Canada s Best Managed Companies in 2015. JED Express was cited for excellence in business performance and its ability to increase business volume and profit while not adding to its fleet of 43 trucks.

This is a huge honour for everyone here at JED Express, and we couldn t be more proud, said JED Express President Edwin Duncan. We ve worked really hard on continually improving our processes, making our operations more efficient, and embracing technology and innovation from every angle. This award is certainly rewards the efforts of our entire team. Canada s Best Managed Companies which is sponsored by Deloitte, CIBC, National Post, Smith School of Business and MacKay CEO Forums recognizes businesses with revenues over $10 million and their strategies for growth.

The freight forwarding company has been in business since 1993, with shipping routes across Canada and the United States.

JED Express and all the other award winners will formally get their recognition at a Toronto gala April 12, 2016.

Dominic West: I think women should be more indulgent of affairs

Two minutes after I arrive in Dominic West s house, he s asking me why wives make such a fuss over infidelity.

I mean, I think women should be more indulgent of affairs, he says as he me makes me a cup of tea.

I really do. It s daft to kick someone out over a fling. Isn t it? Everyone should turn a blind eye to men s behaviour between the ages of 40 and 50. Let it all blow over. He pauses. Milk and sugar? Whether he believes this or not I m not sure. The 46-year-old star of The Affair and The Wire certainly likes to provoke. He rolls around in controversial statements like a dog in fox poo. Wolfosh: Dominic West in his Sheperd’s Bush lair

A week ago I saw him host a fundraising quiz at the Bush Theatre in Shepherd s Bush and he told the raffle winner whose prize was a shopping spree in Westfield Rather you than me. Make sure you take a bomb-proof vest.

Today we re discussing Letters Live, a week of shows that started last night at the Freemasons Hall organised by publisher Jamie Byng of Canongate Books. West will be on stage on Tuesday reading the poignant last letter Peter Sellers wrote to Spike Milligan. The Affair – season 2 trailer

While I sit he stands in the middle of his sitting room, bear-like, radiating presence, scooping hummus out of a pot using a hunk of bread and talking with his mouth full.

He has a deep and filthy laugh, describes his hair as like Virginia Wade s , and says overall he looks like an old Jewish lesbian .

Anyway, what is it I m supposed to be saying? he calls to the PR in another room. Something about a matinee on Saturday? To me: There s a matinee. To the other room: Who s in it? Jude Law? God, you don t need me to publicise it if Jude Law s in it. Who else? Russell Brand, Ellie Bamber, Sir Ian McKellen. He shoots me a smirk. Ooooh, I like Sir Ian, he says. Gave me my first film job, actually. Richard III. But whenever I see him I start talking about how big his d**k is.

“I don t know why. It s embarrassing. A tic. But then he loves it because apparently he has got a big d**k and the more people who know it the better. Anyway, he continues, it ll be a very well-hung matinee.

It s hard to tell whether this is just what West is like or if he s spent too much time with declamatory posh people. He was educated at Eton and Trinity Dublin and his wife Catherine is an Anglo-Irish aristocrat who he fell in love with at university, and re-met after her marriage to the Earl of Durham collapsed. He s about as far from prickly, precious Hollywood as you can get. He ll always go for the gag, even if it falls flat.

For instance, he remembers being decorated with an honorary doctorate at Sheffield Hallam University.

I thought I should make a joke about Sheffield, so I said: I was taken around Baltimore with the writer of The Wire who was showing me this derelict tower block where the lift was broken and smelt of pee, and we looked out over the derelict steel works, across empty rows of houses, to the stadium of a football team languishing in the lower divisions, and he turned to me and said, Isn t it terrible?

“And I said: No, it s just like home. I thought everybody in Sheffield would erupt with laughter. There was silence. F**king tumbleweed. The university official said: You haven t been to Sheffield for a while, have you, Dominic? No, I said. Sorry. But even today he can t wholly take it back. Thing is, he whispers, anywhere in the world with a beautiful blue sky seems to beat the misery of a drizzly day in a high-rise in Sheffield.

“I ve just been to Jordan to visit a refugee camp Dominic! I cry. No. He grins wolfishly. Interviewees usually need to be goaded. West, you re dragging back from the minefield. None of this has stopped him landing juicy blockbuster roles, though.

He s starred alongside Julianne Moore in Surviving Picasso, Toni Collette in Diana & Me, Michelle Pfeiffer in A Midsummer Night s Dream, and then there was 28 Days, which I tell him I ve seen. He winces. Dreadful, dreadful script, he says, but it had Julia Roberts and that s why it was popular. Er, I don t think it was Julia Roberts, I say. Wasn t it? He looks at the ceiling. Oh, sorry. That one was Sandra Bullock. It wasn t so bad, was it?

“It s the Julia Roberts one that was dreadful. What was it called? Mona Lisa Smile. God, I played an a**ehole. I did a few a**eholes.

There was a brief stint in a circus-y rave thing with the De La Guarda troupe and an avant-garde Argentinian director, which he claims was his best job ever . Then I got The Wire and it propelled me into obscurity. Actually, the Wire was the most critically acclaimed of all his roles, a drama set in the housing projects in Baltimore, in which he played a chaotic, alcoholic cop called Jimmy McNulty.

It never got any television awards, he says. Not one. As I kept telling the producers: there s too many black people in it. So the industry is racist? Of course it s bl**dy racist, that s old news, he says. But racist makes it sounds as if people are being lynched. I suppose those people like to watch shows about themselves.

“My sister is a doctor. She ll come home from work and watch ER, and you think why? And I suppose most people in the industry are white people and they like watching white people.

For all his brass, West has always been sensitive about his education. In the past he s shrugged it off, playing up his northern roots, saying he was a fish out of water and that his accent was mocked. But his contemporaries remember a very popular pupil with a gift for acting so great that his portrayal of Hamlet aged 17 inspired Damian Lewis (in the year below) to take up the profession too.

Yeeeees, West admits. Damian was saved a lot of grief by just being proud of his background instead of embarrassed. It was such a waste of time being ashamed of it.

“I used to get paranoid, and upset about being pigeonholed. But everyone is, and if you have to be pigeonholed it s a nice one to have. Damian, he reflects, was always wise. So what was his background? Dominic Gerard Francis Eagleton West grew up a Catholic in a big old suburban house on the edge of the moors in Derbyshire , and his father George owned a plastics factory.

As the sixth of seven children he was anonymous but could get away with things although the hierarchy maintains. I know my place: sixth. Second last. Childhood involved gambolling around fields, dressing up and playing crowd scenes with his siblings in the local amateur dramatics, to which his mother was devoted. I think she played all Shakespeare s heroines. Family summers were package holidays to Majorca . All seven of us, with about 20 suitcases. My dad took cereal and milk, and all the things you couldn t get out there, and God the f**king logistics! The airport chaos! I have no idea how they did it.

My mother always said: Oh, well, you only ever have two kids. Then they start looking after each other. I guarantee that is not the case.

West has five children, ranging from the 17-year-old daughter he had with ex-girlfriend Polly Astor, to the four he has with Catherine, aged nine, seven, six and two. Is he still a practising Catholic? Not really, no, he says. He took his eldest to the Brompton Oratory the other day to hear the music, which I still love . She said: Dad, this is creepy and weird . He also tried taking the little ones to Mass because that s what I used to do, and because I wanted them to learn to sit still. They were bored stiff. Then I had the brilliant idea of telling them what was going on.

I said, you know what the priest is doing, don t you? And my little boy shook his head. I said, He s eating Jesus. Eating Jesus! And now he s going to drink Jesus s blood. My son was rapt.

I d always found the idea of transubstantiation a bit abstract but it s just cannibalism. I said: And now he s going to chop up and eat some of Jesus s flesh. See that? I m going to go and get some, do you want to come?

At 46, West is about as happy as he s ever been. In part because of work but mainly cos of her and the kiddies, he says, indicating with his elbow to where Catherine is playing with their toddler. Their car number plate is a marginally more sophisticated version of Dom 4 Cat and he laughs at that.

I fell in love with her when I was 21 and she fell in love with me about eight months ago, when she realised all other options had been exhausted and she had four kids. In truth, his womanising days are long over. He has often spoken about how much he hurt Astor with his carousing while filming The Wire.

That got a lot of things out of my system hopefully, he says. And now I just act it. There are a lot of sex scenes in The Affair. If Catherine was in something like that I would not be happy. But she s OK with it. She s cool.

Do you watch it together? Oh, f**k no! he says. She saw a bit of it on the plane once, and I saw a bit of it on the plane. Neither of us watches it. Can t bear to although apparently it s quite good. Instead he watches documentaries ( TV drama is too daunting ) and reads nature books by Roger Deakin. He d like to do another film, possibly with Ruben stlund, director of Force Majeure.

He s really good at those difficult moral dilemmas and embarrassing situations. West is grinning madly now. He said to me, I love embarrassing situations . And I said, Yeah, yeah, yeah, so do I! So hopefully something will come of that.

Letters Live the live celebration of written correspondence is at Freemasons Hall, WC2, until Tuesday, letterslive.com


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